In January 2018 Karl and Pär were nominated for the Swedish Film Institute's award GULDBAGGEN in the category "Best Original Music" for their score for Citizen Schein. The film was also nominated for best screenplay and best editing!

The incredible story about the Jewish refugee, Harry Schein, who became a wealthy intellectual playboy and revolutionized Swedish film.

Five years ago Maud Nycander found great success with the documentary Palme. Together with Jannike Åhlund and Kersti Grunditz Brennan she's now followed up on that success with an equally strong and well-told film about the man who was former prime minister Olof Palme's continuous tennis partner at the Royal Tennis Hall. Harry Schein is undoubtedly one of Swedish film history's most important and most luminous people. He was a careerist who became a millionaire at a water treatment facility, the sun-tanned dandy who married a film star, the political visionary and rich social democrat who fought with the '68 generation, and the creator of the Swedish Film Institute. In Citizen Schein we get to know the icon Schein and the man Harry.

Frid & Frid has written and produced the music for Citizen Schein. The soundtrack is available on iTunes and Spotify

The film premiered on Swedish cinema on the 10th of Mars 2017.

Read more about the film at Göteborg International Film Festival.