'Broken Hearts Avenue' is the lead track taken from the Swedish TV Drama series "Min Bror Kollokungen" (My Brother, King of the Summer Camp) which follows the story of twelve-year-old Sonja and her autistic brother. The series airs on Swedish national television from December 6, 2015 running for 10 episodes to February 2016 and is then set to broadcast across Scandinavia and Germany.


The track is written and produced by Stockholm based brothers Karl and Pär Frid and features a vocal debut from feature singer Sweet Almita. The track was commissioned by the TV show to be a key part of the script and is sang by many of the characters throughout the series. As the series progressed the song evolved into an infectious pop nugget prompting the Frid brothers to release the track as a single on their own newly formed label.
The Frid bothers mainly produce music for TV and film but they have also worked with a number of artists and groups as producer, arrangers and performers such as John Martin, Koop, Pauline, Jasmine Kara, Marit Bergman, Vincent, Hoffmaestro, Rasmus Faber and Calle Real.


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